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“Moving Body, Knowing Mind” review

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Moving Body, Knowing Mind: Ritualizing and learning at two Buddhist centres in Toronto Patricia Q. Campbell Oxford University Press, 2011 ISBN 9780199793815   $39.95 paperback Hardcover also available From the publisher: Knowing Body, Moving Mind investigates ritualizing and learning in introductory meditation classes at two Buddhist centers in Toronto, Canada. The centers, Friends of the Heart... Read more »

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WILD GEESE book review

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Buddhists have been in Canada for more than 100 years, but Canadian Buddhism remains in many ways a fragmented collection of solitudes. Wild Geese is the first serious attempt to understand the multiple realities of Canadian Buddhism in an organized fashion. As such, it is a landmark book. Editors Harding, Hori and Soucy have collected... Read more »

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