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Glenn Copeland interview

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I recently had the pleasure of talking to Glenn Copeland about his forty-four-year Buddhist practice and his life as a Black, transgender, Canadian artist. Here is that Glenn Copeland interview as it appeared on the Lion's Roar website:

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Understanding the Tibetan Buddhist Temple

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I have been working on a book about Vajrayana shrine rooms for some time now. It comprises 158 photographs I took over several sessions at a large Buddhist temple in the Greater Toronto area, annotated by text I am writing to explain the objects featured in each photo. So far, the book is 122 pages, 11 x 8.5, in landscape format, full colour throughout. Once I get the text finished, it will probably run a bit longer. The book is in three parts: I - A Rosary of Precious Offerings to Enrich the Mind (the shrine room, altar and ritual objects)...

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Canadian Buddhist organizations top 600 for first time

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Buddhism in Canada continues to grow and evolve. There are now more than 600 Buddhist organizations in the country, from coast to coast to coast. Find out where to practice in your community: 2018 marks the 50th year of my Buddhist practice. When I first travelled across Canada visiting Buddhist centres in 1972, there were fewer than 10 stops along the way! To all those who have brought the gift of Dharma to our land, and to the many Canadians who have nurtured it here, six hundred and one bows. This is a reminder to centres as well, to check your...

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Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations update

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The Sumeru Directory of Canadian Buddhist Organizations ( needs updating. I would like to ensure that all temple contacts are accurate and that all descriptions of activities are complete. The last major update was completed 5 years ago (although I have made any changes I was told about, since then). Since there are more than 580 Buddhist temples, zendos, viharas, charities, etc. (a great cause for celebration if you ask me), it would be impractical for me to contact everyone individually. As a result, I am asking each of you, dear readers, to check the listings for your local Buddhist...

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Canadian Buddhism, eh?

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Canadian Buddhism, eh? Well, that's an interesting topic for contemplation. Here's a review of Lotus Petals in the Snow: Voices of Canadian Buddhist Women that just came out from Buddhistdoor: As the reviewer, Caitlyn Dwyer, notes...there is a wide variety of topics and styles in the anthology, and no particular ideological agenda. "The volume as a whole feels like a Canadian conversation, with women across the Buddhist spectrum reaching out to peers, offering wisdom, pooling experiences, creating a baseline of storytelling and teaching that can be used to build community." The one thing Dwyer forgot to mention is that everyone...

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