The Wealthy Buddhist
The Wealthy Buddhist
The Wealthy Buddhist

The Wealthy Buddhist

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THE WEALTHY BUDDHIST: Buddhist Ethics, Right Livelihood, and the Value of Money

By Rod Burylo, CIM, FCSI

ISBN 978-1-896559-41-4 (softcover).   6 x 9.   178 pages, illustrated.

The Wealthy Buddhist discusses the relationship between business, wealth creation, and morality from a Buddhist perspective: namely, how financial success is more likely to result from a livelihood that seeks to increase happiness and reduce suffering.

For Buddhist teachers and scholars alike, The Wealthy Buddhist presents a comprehensive view of Right Livelihood in the modern world, most accurately reflecting the contemporary, North American experience of living and working.

For participants in the financial services industry, The Wealthy Buddhist provides constructive criticism and direction on how to become more worthy of the trust they seek, and how to increase the value they can provide.

For Millennials, entrepreneurs, and those simply seeking a new path, The Wealthy Buddhist provides practical strategies on how to accomplish their goals without compromising their values.

Finally, for those curious about modern Buddhism, the Bu-curious, The Wealthy Buddhist provides an introduction to the basic principles and spirit of this timeless philosophy.

Burylo challenges readers to embrace change, impermanence, and the disruptive forces of technology, as necessary catalysts for the opportunity to bring value to others, and achieve financial success in the process.


Rod Burylo's new book shows how generosity and right action can be cultivated within the context of Western society and its fascination with money. Far from being in conflict, Burylo reveals how Buddhist ethics support and are critical to skillful engagement with finances, while fostering kindness, compassion, and supportive connections with others.   Ted Meissner @ The Secular Buddhist Podcast 

Blending an expertise in wealth management and professional ethics with a dedicated practice of Buddhism, this is a sensitive and thoughtful addition to the growing and much needed body of literature on Buddhist economics. Rod Burylo makes a powerful case for bringing Buddhist thought about wealth, as formulated in one of the eight steps of the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path: Right Livelihood, into contemporary mainstream thought. 

I deeply appreciated the clear and pragmatic financial advice throughout the book. The Buddhist foundations are strong and the motivation to create a better world is evident in each and every chapter.   Justin Whitaker @ buddhistethics blog

About the Author

rod burylo sumeruInternational speaker and commentator, Advisor of the Year Award winner, and successful financial services entrepreneur, Rod Burylo CIM, FCSI, is one of Canada’s leading experts in ethics and compliance in the financial services industry. He is also a former Director and past-President of the Calgary Buddhist Temple.





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