Walk Like a Mountain: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practice
Walk Like a Mountain: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practice

Walk Like a Mountain: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practice

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ISBN 978-1-896559-17-9 paperback
206 pages, print, 6 x 9 inches, 29 Illustrations, Bibliography
Buddhism, Zen, Walking, Personal Fitness, Engaged Buddhism

WALK LIKE A MOUNTAIN: The Handbook of Buddhist Walking Practice

By Innen Ray Parchelo

Foreword by Rev. Monshin Paul Naamon, Secretary General, Tendai-shu North America District

Walk Like a Mountain is the definitive guide to walking as Buddhist practice, not just for the serious practitioner, but for anyone who wants to bring more contemplative depth to their everyday walks. From kinhin during zazen sessions to pilgrimage and beyond, this handbook offers the “how-to” with clarity and insight. Posture, hand positions and foot mechanics are merely the beginning. Other topics that are addressed in this comprehensive book include:


  • Preparations and aids
  • Purification and dedication
  • Leading a walking practice
  • Alms rounds
  • Circumambulation
  • Walking Nembutsu
  • Prayer walking
  • Kaihogyo (marathon contemplative walking)
  • Walking for change
  • Walking as daily life
  • Walking the symbolic landscape
  • Mandalas
  • Labyrinths
  • Alternatives in contemplative walking



Walk Like a Mountain…is a useful read for Dharma students but it specifically piqued my interest as a budding Dharma teacher, as there are many students and fellow practitioners that I’ve met for whom walking practice really resonates. This book is a must for those who are so inclined towards walking practice and I’m certain will prove useful for those teachers who also wish to explore walking practice within their communities.

—Tanya McGinnity, Dharmage.com

Walk Like a Mountain packs a wickedly dense amount of information into 206 pages. Not only does Parchelo draw together the threads of Buddhist teachings on walking meditation, he takes us down side roads and up mountain paths of archetypes and ecological history of landscapes he has walked.

—Lynette Genju Monteiro, 108 Zen Books


   Innen Ray Parchelo has studied, taught and practiced Buddhism for more than 40 years and acts as both the Priest to the Red Maple Sangha and Director of Tendai Canada. He began his formal dharma practice in 1974 and has been a member of several Buddhist centres, first taking refuge in 1994. In 2008, he renewed his refuge-vows as a student of Ven. Monshin Paul Naamon, and, in 2010, was ordained a Tendai priest.

Innen has lived and worked as a clinical social worker in the Ottawa Valley since 1975. He regularly uses walking and mindfulness techniques in a social work setting. He has degrees in Comparative Religion and Social Work and has published general and scholarly articles on dharma and social work topics and is a popular conference speaker. He is the regular Buddhist contributor to the Ottawa Citizen’s “Ask the Religion Experts” column. He and his wife, Judy, live with their three dogs in a old log schoolhouse, near Renfrew, Ontario.

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