Mindful Moment: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections
Mindful Moment: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections

Mindful Moment: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections

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ISBN 978-1-896559-36-0

308 pages, paperback, 6" x 9"

Theravada Buddhism, Mindfulness, Meditations

MINDFUL MOMENT: 52 Weeks of Mindfulness Exercises + Reflections

Bonnie Sumanā Ryan-Fisher

What is mindfulness? How do I apply it in my daily life? When life gets tough, will it help? When life is good, is there more?

These are questions we often ask. Now, a seasoned Buddhist practitioner and teacher puts mindfulness meditation into context for modern life in the West. The book is structured as a series of 52 weekly topics, in an easily-accessible style that enlivens the deeply-rooted truths of Theravada Buddhism.


  1. Busy-ness
  2. Brief Meditations
  3. Check ins
  4. Metta
  5. Bored and Restless
  6. Distractions
  7. Body Knowing
  8. Point of View
  9. Anger
  10. Senses
  11. Reminders
  12. Renunciation
  13. Attention
  14. Memorizing
  15. Watching
  16. Making Change
  17. Gratitude
  18. Expectations
  19. Self-talk
  20. Difficult exchanges
  21. Goodwill
  22. Sharing Practice
  23. Complaining
  24. Intentions
  25. Negative Thoughts
  26. Generosity
  27. Forgiveness
  28. Breathe
  29. Silence
  30. Ceremony
  31. Presence
  32. Walking
  33. Autopilot
  34. Immersion
  35. Pause
  36. Listening
  37. Frequent Action
  38. Morning Intention
  39. Naming
  40. Joy
  41. Kindness
  42. Continuity
  43. Blessings
  44. Right Now
  45. Well Wishes
  46. Inner Listening
  47. Peace
  48. Wants
  49. Remembering
  50. Thanks
  51. Moving Meditation
  52. Selfing


Bonnie Ryan-Fisher is a dedicated lay Buddhist practitioner who leads meditation and yin yoga classes in Whitecourt, AB. She’s also a longtime writer whose recent work inclines toward Dhamma. Bonnie’s first meditation teachers were found in books and her practice began in the 90’s in a great deal of isolation. In 2014, two years after finally founding a sitting group in her hometown, she launched her blog, Mindful Moment (mindful-moment.webnode.com) as a place to share that 20-year journey with others also finding their way. This book emerged simply because it seemed time for the blog to blossom into a book, joining the circle to where it all began.


"How many retreats I have taught in the pristine and protected environment of a monastery or retreat centre, only to hear the inevitable question at the end, “How can I bring this into my everyday life?” Well, here is some fine writing to give you an idea how it is done. Bonnie Ryan-Fisher is that treasure of a combination, an earnest and well informed meditator who can also string together a beautiful essay on just how this Dhamma works when the refrigerator doesn’t.” -- Ajahn Sona, Birken Forest Monastery

"With her new book, Bonnie Sumanā Ryan-Fisher offers practical and transformative insights from over twenty years experience on the Buddhist path. Each chapter brings to light an aspect of living a rich contemplative life, with different perspectives taken from different times and experiences of the author. These down-to-earth examples immediately touch the reader as they find resonance and meaning as they tap into the root of Buddhist teaching." -- Ted Meissner, The Secular Buddhist Podcast

“With wisdom born from lived experience and philosophical wonder, Bonnie (Sumanā) Ryan-Fisher's personal reflections on mindfulness are poetic, insightful and relatable. She appreciates the centrality of compassion, or metta (loving-kindness) in her apprehension of others' and her own mental states, sensory experiences and emotions. She regards shifting mental states with gentle compassion, nudging them towards right thinking and ease of mind, never with punitive judgment. Ryan-Fisher reveals that she has empathy for being human, that gentle empathic understanding motivates more than a stick. Ryan-Fisher conveys that un-attachment and equanimity are not functions of mindful awareness alone, but are deepened with empathy and compassionate understanding. Mindful Moment inspires and engenders hope.” -- Kurt Zubatiuk, Dip TIRP, Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO)

 “A wonderful book full of wisdom and practical ideas for living every day. Bonnie Ryan-Fisher is a terrific writer with a light easy touch. It’s the kind of book you can read front to back, back to front or just open it to any page. Whether you are on a path or considering one you will find helpful observations and insightful nuggets.” -- Michael Kerman, MSW, Founding Director Leading Edge Seminars

"An inspiring and beautiful sharing of a personal spiritual journey through daily life experiences with the Dhamma as foundation. Highly recommended!" -- Jayanta (Shirley Johannesen), Sakyadhita Canada

 “Bonnie Sumanā Ryan-Fisher has given us a window into her gentle weaving of Buddhist wisdom and kindness into the minutiae of daily life. She shares how her mature meditation practice, and also yoga, lead her to careful attention and an open heart in responding to the unfolding of each moment. Her writing is honest, unpretentious and personal – it has the feel of a shared journal or letters from a wise friend. The real value of meditation practice is known in the quality of attention that we bring to each moment. This book is an inspiration and guide for us to discover how to bring this attention and kindness into our own lives.” -- Daryl Lyn Ross, Co-Founder and Guiding Teacher, True North Insight

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