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Bloom: Buddhist Reflections on Serenity and Love

Ajahn Sona

6x9, 144 pages, b/w, illustrated, with glossary

ISBN 9781896559605

“As you change your mind, as you do these techniques, how you regard your past changes. The future changes. You start to understand that from a certain point of view, you can transform the very world you live in....”

Bloom is an important collection of teachings and reflections on serenity (samatha) and loving-kindness (metta) meditations, practices that are immensely relevant to these times of uncertainty in all areas of our lives. By cultivating these wise instructions on the meditation cushion, as well as in your everyday life, both beginners and advanced meditators will find Bloom to be an inspiring and practical resource to be visited again and again.

Ajahn Sona, the Abbot of Birken Forest Buddhist Monastery in British Columbia, Canada, brings a gentle, intelligent humour to his inspired writings. A Theravadan monk for over 30 years, his compassionate guidance resonates with a deep and insightful understanding of the Buddha’s teachings.

Reviewed in the Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies:

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