GEMS: An Introduction to Canadian Buddhism for Young People and the Young at Heart
GEMS: An Introduction to Canadian Buddhism for Young People and the Young at Heart

GEMS: An Introduction to Canadian Buddhism for Young People and the Young at Heart

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ISBN 978-1-896559-84-1 / 188 pages / Illustrated throughout

6.14" x 9.21" /  Young Adult Non-Fiction: Grades 7+

The title of this book, Gems, comes from the Buddhist teaching that sees all living beings as possessing precious jewels. Each shining jewel is located where the strands cross one another in the vast web of the universe.

Buddhism is one of the four major world religions, and a rapidly growing part of Canadian life. But what is Canadian Buddhism? What happens in those 550+ temples, meditation centres and retreats across the country? How long have Buddhists been here and where are they from? Can anyone be a Buddhist? Who practices now?

In this straightforward and light-hearted introduction, we’ll explore the meaning, practice, sociology, history and experience of Canadian Buddhism. We’ll shine a fresh Buddhist perspective on wellbeing and the challenges in our growing years. Also included are many photos depicting scenes from daily life and significant events for Canadian Buddhists.

About the Authors

Dr. Kenneth Tanaka has had a long and distinguished career as a Professor of Buddhist Studies, a leader of several International Buddhist organizations, and author.

Dr. Durgesh Kasbekar is a Vancouver based independent researcher who writes about Buddhism in International Relations and sustainable development.

John Negru is publisher at The Sumeru Press, author of several books and many articles on Canadian Buddhism, and a well-known Green Buddhist environmental and community development activist.


Part One: Here and Now
1. Buddhism in Canada
2. Living Buddhist Experience in Canada
Part Two: Legacy
3. Life of the Buddha
4. Brief History of Buddhism in Asia
5. Brief History of Buddhism in Canada
Part Three: Basic Teachings and Practices with Humour and Light-hearted Stories
6. Four Noble Truths 
7. Karma and the Eightfold Noble Path
8. Four Marks of Life
9. Popular Passages, Metaphors, and Stories
Part Four: In Daily Life
10. Issues and Problems in Daily Life
11. Questions Often Asked about Buddhism
12. Humour as a Way to Learn and Share Buddhism
I: Important Dates in Buddhism and Christianity
II: Buddhists in the World
III: Relating to Other Religions
IV: Buddhist Holidays
Photo Section
About the Authors

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